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Hair Mask

Hair Mask

As summer approaches, we find ourselves lightening our hair.  Don’t forget that you will need to add the proteins back in that are stripped away wi...

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Claudia, Founder of OHC

People pay a lot of attention to things that go 'into' their bodies, but for some reason; they neglect to be equally aware of what goes 'onto' their bodies. My name is Claudia Carmicheal; I am a mother of two; that is why "I CARE!". 

At Organic Hair Care, we create a synergy between science and nature, by offering safe, effective, and green beauty care. We ensure that harmful chemicals are kept out of our products. 

Organic Hair Care was created to make it easy for families to find safe, natural alternatives for your everyday beauty needs. We are proud to support the United States economy by manufacturing and distributing our products in the United States. 

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