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Frizzy Friday!!

Frizzy Friday!!

Pomegranate and Ginger Body Wash gives you a smooth, fresh, clean feel.  Use as body wash, shaving wash, or hand wash.

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I get asked frequently regarding hair tools.  Lets start with hair dryers: Here is what I look for in a hair dryer.  Watts greater than 1850, this ...

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Frizzy Friday!!

Frizzy Friday!!

How to correctly use styling products.  Truth is that ALL styling products work, when used correctly.  Things to use after washing and towel drying...

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Claudia, Founder of OHC

People pay a lot of attention to things that go 'into' their bodies, but for some reason; they neglect to be equally aware of what goes 'onto' their bodies. My name is Claudia Carmicheal; I am a mother of two; that is why "I CARE!". 

At Organic Hair Care, we create a synergy between science and nature, by offering safe, effective, and green beauty care. We ensure that harmful chemicals are kept out of our products. 

Organic Hair Care was created to make it easy for families to find safe, natural alternatives for your everyday beauty needs. We are proud to support the United States economy by manufacturing and distributing our products in the United States. 

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Quench Gift Set - Organic Hair Care IncQuench Gift Set - Organic Hair Care Inc

Quench Gift Set
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Cleansing Trio - Organic Hair Care IncCleansing Trio - Organic Hair Care Inc

Cleansing Trio
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Grass Roots Trio - Organic Hair Care IncGrass Roots Trio - Organic Hair Care Inc

Grass Roots Trio
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Trio for Him - Organic Hair Care IncTrio for Him - Organic Hair Care Inc

Trio for Him
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The Blonde Duo - Organic Hair Care IncThe Blonde Duo - Organic Hair Care Inc

The Blonde Duo
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Travel Pack - Organic Hair Care IncTravel Pack - Organic Hair Care Inc

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Gift Card - Organic Hair Care Inc

Gift Card
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Are you ready to fall in love with your hair?

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OHC Gift box - Organic Hair Care Inc

OHC Gift box


Gift box includes 5 (2oz) of the following:

quench shampoo, conditioner, amazon blow out spray, leave-in hair treatment, and pomegranate ginger body wash, or you can substitute spiker glue over blow out spray.